Monday, 19 September 2016

Homework (19/09/16) Please read all as there are a few new things to be read.

Homework (19/09/16)

English Reading: Sails readers (Every week i will give out one book per week. Try and spread out book across the week, if finished the book move onto personal books) - 10 to 15 minutes.

Spelling in spelling folder: last 1/2/3 words. Spread words evenly across the evenings if you can.

English writing: put 3 of the words on their spelling list into one sentence in homework copy. Put heading above each day saying Homework and the date (eg. Homework 14/09/16)

English Grammar: Sheet on Capital Letters. Children have full week to get full page done so divide among the days. Any part of the sheet that cannot be done in the sheet should be done in the homework copy.

Maths: Tables Champion p9 Monday.

Please find attached a document helping you (the parent) to support their child with rounding numbers. Some children have been struggling with the concept and as it is such an important part of maths I felt I would send this home to you as an aid to the children. If you feel this is a good idea i'd love feedback to see should I do it each week.

Irish Reading: p9 Leigh sa Bhaile.  Can parents (if you are able to) ask the children the questions that appear on the page and go through the tricky vocab in the corner. there is a parents resource page where at this website:

Use this website, by ticking Léigh sa Bhaile C, then clicking view resources beside the page you are doing that night (it will say l
ch5 - this means page 5)

Irish spelling: One word per day (only 3 to learn this week: Words are:
mé (I)
sé (he)
inné (yesterday)
cé (how)

Spellings for week:

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