Monday, 24 October 2016

Projects on habitats

As part of homework this week and the week after mid term the class will be doing habitat projects. The project is due on the 9th of November. The week we come back I will not give grammar sheets or maths sheets to get the children an opportunity to finish off their projects. I had hoped to start the project last week but we had our assembly so this got in the way

What must you do:
Pick a habitat and give a short description of it.
Pick an animal that lives in that habitat.
Gather information about the Habitat and how the animals adapts/lives in this habitat.
·         What are the main characteristics of the habitat? (Climate, Location etc)
·         Why is it suitable for the animal?
·         What does it look like?
·         What food does the animal get there?

They may present the project in whatever way they wish. (Factfile, drawing, Powerpoint etc.)
I don’t expect pages and pages of work. 1-2 pages is plenty. The aim of this is that they will learn about a habitat themselves and also learn from their peers by listening to the presentations on habitats.

Here are some links to help with the research.

Paula also told me that using the search engine kidrex is brilliant because it has great safety measures for the kids and directs them straight to children's websites: 



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