Monday, 5 December 2016

Homework (05/12/16 to 09/12/16)

Homework (05/12/16 to 09/12/16)

Our play is on the 16th of December at 1pm for any parents looking for the time.

*I have included a sheet into the children's homework folders. It is a checklist for the children to tick off their homework as they finish it. There are four headings; tables champion, sentences, maths sheet and grammar sheet. Only when the child has fully finished each activity can they tick it off. Every Friday the children should come in with each part ticked off.

*If your child is using a homework pass can you remind them to write that in their homework copies or wherever they are doing homework so that when I'm correcting I know why they didn't do that part.

English Reading:Sails readers (Every week I will give out one book per week. Try and spread out book across the week, if finished the book move onto personal books) - 10 to 15 minutes.

English Spelling and Irish spellings in spelling folder:Spread words evenly across the evenings if you can.

English Spellings:                    Irish spellings:
Simple                                       sicín (chicken)
Eagle                                         rís (rice)
Handle                                       iasc (fish)
Angle                                        ispíní (sausages)

English writing: Every day (monday to thursday) the children have to write one sentence, That one sentence must include three of this weeks spellings. There should be four sentences in the copy at the end of the week. (Sentence can be two words if you are struggling)

English sheet on capital letters.

Maths sheet on multiplication (x5) 

Maths: Tables Champion p22. (multiplication x10) Can all parents give their children a hand when doing this because they may need help. I will put the parent support sheet at the bottom for this topic!

Irish Reading: p50-54 Leigh sa Bhaile.  Can parents (if you are able to) ask the children the questions that appear on the page and go through the tricky vocab in the corner. there is a parents resource page where at this website:

Use this website, by ticking Léigh sa Bhaile C, then clicking view resources beside the page you are doing that night (it will say lch5 - this means page 5)

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