Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hindu God Mini Project information

Hindu God Mini Project:

The project will be due next Tuesday. I won't give homework til after the projects are handed in on Tuesday.

The children have all chosen a Hindu God already in class that they will do their mini project on.

The mini project should be no more than an A4 page long.

This A4 page can be typed or written. There is no need for the children to write/ type too much information. Try and encourage the kids to find information about their God and put it into their own words.  

The information that they should have included is:

1. Name of the God.

2. What they are the God of.

3. A little bit about the God's story.

4. One or two interesting facts about them

5. A few pictures/ drawings.

The most useful site is www.kidrex.org for finding information on each god.

This padlet is also full of useful information about the gods: https://padlet.com/belmeyneetbrian/mbg2x24qqo9l

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