Monday, 13 February 2017

homework (13/02/17 to 17/02/17)

homework (13/02/17 to 17/02/17)

*If your child is using a homework pass can you remind them to write that in their homework copies or wherever they are doing homework so that when I'm correcting I know why they didn't do that part.

English Reading: Read chapters "The Frechman" on Monday and "Straw Bridge" on Wednesday

English Oral Language: Run through oral language questions (given out on day) for "The Frenchman" on Tuesday and for "Straw Bridge" on Thursday.

English Writing: Between Monday/ Tuesday find 3 words in "The Frenchman" that the children don't know, look them up in the dictionary and write a definition for each. Then use each word in a sentence. Do the same for "Straw Bridge" between Wednesday/ Thursday.

sidling: To move sideways sneakily.
veranda: a large, open porch attached to a house. Verandas have roofs and are used for social activities.
Triumphantly: having achieved a great success or victory.

He was sidling up to me in class looking for answers.
The Veranda is in front of my house.
I waved triumphantly when I scored the goal.

English Spelling and Irish spellings in spelling folder:Spread words evenly across the evenings if you can.

Evil                      Seacht
Email                   Cúig
Secret                   Deich
Legal                    Ceathar
Female                 Ocht

Maths sheet on time. Hi guys, Again this is a tough concept. If you can will you give them a hand with fractions it would be great. It was our first week with the concept so this week will be better.

Maths: Tables Champion p30.

Irish Reading: p72 - 75 Leigh sa Bhaile.  Can parents (if you are able to) ask the children the questions that appear on the page and go through the tricky vocab in the corner. there is a parents resource page where at this website:

Use this website, by ticking Léigh sa Bhaile C, then clicking view resources beside the page you are doing that night (it will say lch5 - this means page 5)

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