Saturday, 6 May 2017

Bees and Trees project

Bees and Tree' project:

As some of you know Bio-diversity week is running from the 22nd to the 26th of May. As part of the week our class has been asked to do a project on either bees or trees. The children have partaken in  some research in class on bees and trees and most will have their topics already chosen.

Children's projects should:

- Be presented on a poster page (A2/A3) as they will be presenting them in class to others. (I've really enjoyed all the children's projects that have been in PDF/ PowerPoint form but when the projects are being presented the children won't have access to a computer)
- Be written or typed and printed.
- Include information and facts about the chosen topic.
- Have some part of the project about the environment or human interaction (for example if a child is doing about types of bees in Ireland they could include a piece in their project about how humans can help keep bee populations up)

I look forward to seeing all the projects as the children have chosen some brilliant topics!

Due date for the projects is the 17th of May (Wednesday of the week before Bio Diversity Week)

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