Monday, 8 January 2018

Project about Japan

As some of you know we will be having an international week that will be running from the 22nd to the 26th of January. Throughout this week we will be learning all about the different countries and cultures all around the world. The country that 4th class are focusing on for this year is Japan. We will be doing some research tomorrow (9th of January) on different aspects of Japan.

The children will be doing an individual project about Japan that is due on Friday the 19th of January.

Childrens projects should:

- Presented on an A2 or A3 sheet.
- Be written.
- Include pictures either sketched or printed off.
- Include some general information about Japan (language spoken, population, climate, capital city etc.)
- Have 2/3 sections on different topics about Japan. Examples of topics could be:
Traditions, Inventions, Technology, Clothes, Famous Landmarks, Language, Clothes, Climate, Famous people, History (Samuri, Wars etc.), Anime, Manga, Food, Money, Origami.

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