Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Letter home

Dear Parent/Guardian

Please note the following information-

Student  Council Movie Night -this Thursday- 2 e per child.
·         Drop off at 6.30 to classroom and pick up at 7.45. Please note it may take a little time checking kids in and out.
·         Children may wear pj’s and bring cushions with them if they wish.
·         Children may bring a treat
·         Student Council were deciding on movies and will give me a final list tomorrow. All movies will be G and will not be PG rated movies
·         As it is dark very early we ask that children are dropped off and collected by an adult/that parents group together to organise supervision to and from the school.
Sam Maguire Cup
·         Sam is coming to the school on Thursday morning with Neil our GAA coach! If children can wear blue or Dublin colours-we will get a picture with each class grouping.

Xmas Appeal
·         The PC and the Student Council were discussing charities for this year’s appeal. The Student Council are checking up with Dublin based charities to find out what their needs are with the hope that children will donate a small item to the charity that they will choose.
·         The charities work with the homeless and we will be covering this with the children before Xmas.

Can I remind parents not to park on the roundabout, including days when it is wet-it is very frustrating and unfair on other parents but is also a health and safety issue.

Science Week

All children were involved in different experiments and activities during Science Week.  The older children in 5th and 6th class were involved in the Intel Science Competition. They worked on their own or in groups and developed a range of projects from sound insulation ,to health/effects of diet  etc.
Huge work and more importantly practical hands on learning came from their projects as they carried out experiments and wrote up their findings . All the children were commended by the judges but in particular the judges highly commended some of the 4th class children-Diego, Daniela, Yasmin and Alicia.
Only one project progresses to the next stage. This group had a really interesting project which included coding and related to sensors and traffic lights-well done August, Narrotam, Lochlan and Vedh from Colum’s class and we hope they do well in the next round!

The children in 6th class were involved in running a marathon over a period of time from when they came back to school and finishing up last Sunday. It was a great achievement!
Well done Karl and his class for all their hard work. This project was initiated by DCC. It was unfortunate that DCC held the final event on a Sunday as not all the children could attend for the last run, but they put in fantastic effort right throughout. Not many adults can say they ran a marathon in primary school!

The PC will be looking into a History Project based on our school/families. There will be a need for volunteers who may have some interest in history.
Topic/themes/ideas will need to be discussed but it could be a very interesting project where we learn about each other. Some staff have already expressed interest and will join the group. More info to follow
Reminder-Food Fair-St Vincent’s GAA Club, Malahide Road De 2nd-6pm-8pm-more info to follow from the Parent Council.
Thanks to the PC for their continuous hard work/support to the school

Other dates this week-
BOM meeting-tomorrow night

Staff Meeting-this Thursday straight after school

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